quinta-feira, maio 29, 2008

wind of station

In my mind sand is exploding,
Close my broken heart
as whom already tires of believe.

"no one is guilty in this game", he told me
But those who suffer know
This is just a big sugarcoated window of words

I don’t want you to see me as a child dreamer
I don´t want you pray to
a deceived daughter
just feel my song different from yours.

you eat what they give
don´t wish the same for me!

4 comentários:

diegodraga disse...

eu penso q a menina da poesia nao quer ser influenciada pelo "ele"(he) pq ela sabe q toda influencia eh imoral.. ela vai deixar de viver por naturalmente e passar a tomar a vida de outra pessoa por empréstimo, sendo o eco da musica de outra pessoa e atriz de um papel que nao foi escrito pra ela.

"just feel my song different from yours"

gostei jubs

eu =] disse...

Very good it is not my type of poem but it was good

rosa disse...


J.R. Lima disse...

very good.

after the storm the wind may still blow
some trees may have fallen
but the jungle is still there

and so is the big empty loneliness
no wind can blow away